Aerial Acts 


Aerial sling, loop, or also popularly known as an aerial hammock, is the latest aerial equipment I have been playing with and my newest act creation. I love the simplicity of it and it is my perfect aerial travelling companion, being so lightweight and malleable its easily packed!

This graceful & elegantly choreographed act is a beautiful option, especially for a wedding or gala dinner.  But as always I'm able to make bespoke shows if you have a favourite piece of music or a specific theme in mind. I can also perform this act on my portable aerial rig

so it offers a great opportunity for many events both indoors and outside where there are no aerial rigging points available.


Aerial Hoop, Lyra, or Cerceau, whichever name you call it by, this aerial equipment is instantly aesthetically pleasing with its perfect circular shape. It felt a natural transition for me initially from the trapeze as many moves were transferable (if not a lot more painful!) but with a dance background, I love the feeling you get from spinning and moving around on a hoop as if you are literally dancing in the air.

The aerial hoop has had a real surge of popularity and with recreational classes also in great demand, I have enjoyed teaching others.

I have had the chance to perform aerial hoop for a wide and varied audience, from corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Indian weddings, dining entertainment, festivals, cabaret and club nights. As always I have a variety of costumes, themes and different music to fit your event. I can also offer my solo hoop acts as options on my portable aerial rig.

  Please see more info for my duo hoop acts.


Trapeze was my very first aerial discipline and the doorway into the circus arts.

Probably the most iconic and immediately thought of when you imagine the circus.

I have trained across static, swinging, and even a little flying trapeze and started performing static and swinging trapeze at the London Hippodrome at the start of my circus career.

As with all performance I love to try different things and have even performed on Glastonbury's main circus big top tent with a fire dance trapeze, yes I had the ends of my trapeze attached with poles on fire!

From aerial hang about and aerial bartending to dynamic static trapeze and spinning dance trapeze it can be very versatile. It fits in perfectly with any classic circus-themed events and my vintage circus themed costumes and I can also perform a dance trapeze act on my portable aerial rig


I have trained and performed on a variety of different aerial harnesses and have had a varied and fun experience with this not so commonly used performance apparatus. From single point dance harness to various double point practises, bungee harness and counterweighted dance bungee harness and played with wall running too.

There is nothing quite as exhilarating and nerve-racking the first time you fall backwards of a trapeze in a bungee harness!

But being part of the team of Mary Poppins that flew down on harnesses from the top of the Olympic stadium for the London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony was definitely my most memorable moment for aerial harness work!

I loved harness work so much I had 2 sets of rigging and harnesses made especially for myself so I could explore and create some new projects of my own.

It is ideal as an option for a reception to greet your guests working perfectly for both aerial hang about and aerial bartending, adding that extra bit of glamour to any event with aerial champagne pouring.  

I have created some beautiful costumed options for a variety of themes and it works perfectly with my portable aerial rig making it a versatile choice for many venues. 

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