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Aerial Acts


Aerial sling, loop, or also popularly known as an aerial hammock, is the latest aerial equipment I have been playing with and my newest act creation. I love the simplicity of it and it is my perfect aerial travelling companion, being so lightweight and malleable its easily packed!

This graceful & elegantly choreographed act is a beautiful option, especially for a wedding or gala dinner.  But as always I'm able to make bespoke shows if you have a favourite piece of music or a specific theme in mind. I can also perform this act on my portable aerial rig

so it offers a great opportunity for many events both indoors and outside where there are no aerial rigging points available.

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Aerial Hoop, Lyra, or Cerceau, whichever name you call it by, this aerial equipment is instantly aesthetically pleasing with its perfect circular shape. It felt a natural transition for me initially from the trapeze as many moves were transferable (if not a lot more painful!) but with a dance background, I love the feeling you get from spinning and moving around on a hoop as if you are literally dancing in the air.

The aerial hoop has had a real surge of popularity and with recreational classes also in great demand, I have enjoyed teaching others.

I have had the chance to perform aerial hoop for a wide and varied audience, from corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Indian weddings, dining entertainment, festivals, cabaret and club nights. As always I have a variety of costumes, themes and different music to fit your event. I can also offer my solo hoop acts as options on my portable aerial rig.

  Please see more info for my duo hoop acts.