Freestanding aerial Rig 

 Aerial Rig 

Freestanding   |   Portable   |   Multiple Themes   |   Various Acts

So you'd love to have an aerialist for your event, but don't think it's possible?

Well, I can bring my very own portable freestanding rig & perform, no problem!

With adjustable heights, and simple to assemble, it makes both aerial performances and aerial greeting possible in many indoor venues as well as outdoors. I have created a range of themed dressings for my rig to complement my acts and themed costumes too, and if you have a specific request that I don't already have, I can make a bespoke design especially for you.

Thinking of something extra special for that special day? With a little bit of pre-planning, we can even dress the rig with your chosen flowers and themed colours and make a beautiful addition to any setting and even be used for an attractive frame for the wedding couple and your guests to have photographs taken in!.


Harness   |  Solo & Duo Hoop   |   Sling   |   Double Loops   |   Dance Trapeze

I offer a variety of option so whether you're wanting to create a more ambient setting with aerial hang about to meet and greet your guests or welcome them with some aerial champagne pouring or you would like an elegant act to enhance your wedding reception. From corporate events, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays, or any parties, a surprise aerial act can enhance your special day.

With an existing array of costumes and themes, I can also take special requests so be reassured I can create anything you envision to fit your event. 

 Themes & Costumes 

Circus   |   Indian Bollywood   |   Enchanted Garden   |   Mouin Rouge   |   White Lights  |   Winter Wonderland   |   Chrismas   |   Under the Sea   

Whatever the season or event I can  Vintage circus, India Bollywood, Enchanted garden, hidden forests, midsummers nights dream, entwined with flowers and vines we can also dress the rig with your very own chosen live flowers and trestles in your chosen colours. White Light perfect for evening gigs to create a Chrismas feel with winter white costumes for that winter wonderland seasonal. Want to venture to the deep with our mermaid greater and sea-inspired dressed rig

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