duo Acts 


A male and female acrobalance act, with options for mix & mingle or a choreographed show. You can choose either option or a combination of both, so we can make our performance work best for your specific needs. Our interactive walk-about is ideal for venues or events where a central spot for everyone to watch is not possible. Hire us to entertain your guest with a roaming option, or book us as the featured act at your next party.

Are you looking for multiple options for a corporate event? We can provide various options for you. For example, we could do a walkthrough set with some acrobalance tricks, posing for photos with your guests and then perform our main act for some dining entertainment. As we are multi-disciplined performers, we could also offer you a meet n' greet stilt-walking option with beautifully themed costumes, if you require more variety for your special event.


A ground-based female duo act combining acrobalance, acrobatics, hand-balance and dance choreography. We are able to perform in different styles and costumes to fit any themed event from upbeat, fun, playful family-friendly entertainment to a more sultry sophisticated act. We also offer walkabout interactive sets instead of our choreographed shows when better suited to the event, an excellent option for roaming entertainment to capture guests' imagination and add to the atmosphere but without demanding their undivided attention.

With a variety of themed costume options, you could have your very own flower fairies frolicking at your next garden party to our circus girls performing at your next Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We can even get your guests to join in the fun and teach them a few basic acrobalance moves, the perfect opportunity to take photos and capture those enjoyable moments forever.

And with each of us being multi-disciplined artists, we can also offer you a package deal with various meet and greet and act options between us. 

aerial duo Hoop  

Doubles hoop doubles the fun!

This already visually pleasing aerial equipment becomes even more mesmerising with two female artists synchronized moves as their bodies mould around and through this perfect circle spinning in the air.

I have had the pleasure of performing with a few different aerial partners over the years and have developed a real passion as well as beautifully choreographed duo hoop acts. 

With a variety of costumes and music options, we can theme to any event and are also happy to take specific music requests if you have a favourite track in mind.

If you have additional rigging points we can also offer a separate "hang about" aerial hoop meet n' greet ideal for a reception with aerial bartending options.

I am also able to offer this duo act on my very own portable aerial performance rig.

Please see more details on my dedicated page for my freestanding aerial rig 

And please see more info for my solo aerial hoop

 Infinity aerial Hoop 

 Over the years I have built up quite a collection of various aerial equipment and somewhere along the journey playing with my hoops and rigging this fab figure of 8 was formed and my aerial "Infinity hoop" and acts were created.

This visually unique hoop creation is fabulous for many different events and works especially well for grand venues where you need a standout and striking impact, this bigger aerial equipment with 2 aerialists will stand out beautifully even in larger spaces. 

Lovely for both simple aerial hang about to meet n' greet your guests, or as a central choreographed show for the main event. With a variety of costume options and themed acts, my aerial infinity hoop is a great choice for a special and more unusual aerial show.

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