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My performance experience has covered many different disciplines over the years, but you will find my main acts, shows and production work I am focused on currently over these five dedicated pages.

You can see more details of my solo, duo, group and my aerial freestanding rig via my drop-down menu under the acts & skills tab above and please scroll below to view more or you can also press on either the highlighted words or my photo icons above to take you directly to the section you may specifically want to view.

You will find galleries for each section with a small selection of my work along with a taster promo video at the end of the photo albums. You can also see more showreels on my dedicated page by either pressing the back tab at the top of the page or please press to see more Videos 



"Definitely, definitely Charlly - Flowfuzion made it the most wonderful, visually entertaining event.

Talent beyond words" 

 A mothers recommendation from a Bar Mittzah I produced with 14 performers all costumed in my 'Jungle Tribe' theme to compliment the African restaurant event venue. The entertainment including performances in Aerial- harness, hoop and silks, Acrobatics, Contortion, Capoeira, Dance, Fire, LED, and live African drummers. 

 Aerial performance 

I have performed in the air on a huge range of aerial equipment over the years and my performances have taken me across the globe and into many different settings across the UK, Europe, India and Dubai from my own productions at various theatres in London, trapeze performances at hotels in Dubai, Hoop acts for Sri Lanka's first huge music festival to six-person aerial silks performance in Mumbai for the BMW i8 car launch. I've performed solo, duo and group aerial performances for corporate events, Christmas parties, Festivals, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, Bollywood films, theatres, charity galas, night clubs, and even creating our own shows and rigging from trees, there aren't too many places left to play in the air!

I also created aerial entertainment concepts for two venues in London and with my aerial rigging partner installed permanent aerial points and performed and booked some of the UK's top aerialists to perform regular aerial acts for inhouse dining entertainment and events over a number of years.

I love to choreograph and find new ideas to play with and have produced some original equipment too.

Please see more info for some of my current solo aerial options, aerial duo acts and details for my freestanding aerial rig on my separate dedicated pages by clicking the links below.

 Aerial Acts   Duo Hoop   Infinity Hoop   Portable Aerial Rig

Ypu can find more photos on my Aerial performance page and more videos on my dedicated Aerial Page.

 Dance & Choreography 

I pretty much started choreographing from the same time I started dancing as a child. It was never enough just to learn others choreography and perform it, as a creative I always had too many ideas of my own and the two feel like second nature to me. Dance has always brought me so much joy and I love to bring in this element to enhance any of my other circus skilled performances too.

 My dance and choreographic work has taken me across the globe and I've had a wide and versatile career covering many different styles of dance. From a strong freestyle background from my early clubbing work, I went on to choreograph and perform in many music videos, Top of the Pops, adverts and numerous live music award events. My varied work has covered the UK garage scene, many theatres including Sadler's Wells Theatre and across to Bollywood and working alongside some of India's biggest stars. 

I currently have a variety of themed dance acts I've created for my group choreographed shows from Bollywood and Bellydance to 1920s flappers, showgirl and CanCan dances.

I've also created complete shows including a variety of dance and circus skilled acts for many events, please see more on Themed group shows 

So whether you would like some freestylers to get your guests excited at your next big birthday bash or Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a gorgeously themed dance show for your next Christmas party, with a range of beautiful costumed dance acts and a variety of styles, we can bring the joy of dance and enhance any event. 

Please see more photos on my Dance Performance page and more videos on my dedicated Dance page


"Just wanted to thank you and the girls so much for the wonderful show you put on for us on Sunday night. Everyone said how fantastic you all were and how much they enjoyed seeing your fab dancing. The fire and sword dancing were amazing and a fab surprise. Hope you all enjoyed the night as much as we did, thanks again" 

 Bat Mitzvah mother's message from a bespoke show with 3 artists. Performing and creating a new show with 2 Bellydance acts including sword balancing and fire choreography for the event.

 Fire performance 

I've been dancing with fire for many years now and have performed with a wide variety of fire equipment, spinning fire poi, staffs, double staffs and clubs, manipulating fire with body burning and fire-eating. Adding fire palms, fire crowns and fire fingers to many of my acts. I come from the original fire artists who would make their own fire prop creations way before you could buy equipment in specialist shops. Across the years I have created specific acts for a variety of themed events like my solo Cat Woman act complete with her claws of fire for a superhero-themed event at the Guards Polo Club, a group fire act for my 'Mystic India' dance & circus show with multiple arms of fire inspired by the vivid images of Indian goddesses with many arms, and choreographed several numbers with different fire equipment as part of our complete show for an evening of entertainment for a live and televised Sleek Make-up event in Lagos, Nigeria. Always inspired by fusing dance and circus skills I also choreographed a trio fire dance and aerial act where I spun with fire on my aerial hoop for a Harley Davidson owners three-day festival in Biograd, Croatia. 

Fire Artistry is a visually striking performance for many entertainment ideas whether you want a freestyle option to meet n' greet your guests with impact on their arrival or a beautifully choreographed solo act or group show to grab your guests attention for a grand finale. 

And with years of experience and many options of both equipment and costumed themes, whether you choose a solo, duo or group show not only will a fire performance engage your guests but rest assured will be kept safe too!

Please see more fire photos on my Fire Performance page and more videos on my dedicated Fire page.


"The entertainment was amazing, thank you so much! The magician was awesome, the face painter was brilliant (it went down really well after all!) and you did a fantastic job with the fire! Thank you so much for all of your help in putting the package together and please pass on my thanks to the acts"

Client's words from a corporate Christmas party where I performed and produced the entertainment with 2 other speciality artists.

 stilt walking 

I first balanced on a pair of peg stilts over 15 years ago and have stilt-danced my way across the globe on them since. With a preference towards authentic peg stilt-walking, the more skilled stilt art form, many of the costumes I have produced complement the look of peg stilts. As well as the traditional 2 legged stilts I have performance options with four-legged peg stilts also. 

I have a variety of solo costumes and a handsome collection of duo matching outfits and group costumes to suit a variety of themes, which compliment my group themed performance entertainment packages. 

Stilt performance makes the perfect meet n' greet and mix n' mingle for any event and with a beautiful array of original costumes as well as a variety of peg stilt lengths creating varied performance height options too, I'm sure to be able to fit into any venue or setting.  


"Thank you so much for Charlly & Melody last weekend, they are so lovely to work with and nothing is ever a problem!!

An email note from a client to my long term agent 'Laura - Exclusively Themed" from one of the many fabulous events she booked my entertainment on over many years.

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