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Dance has been a part of my life since I can remember, and it's impossible for me to hear music and keep completely still. Although I did ballet as a young girl and everyone expected me to become a ballet dancer, I think it's possibly my Indian heritage from my father's side that pulled me towards a much wider variety of music and love of many dance styles to fully express myself. Much of my experience has been through performing itself, rather than just formal training and I have been very fortunate to successfully dance my way around the world doing what I love. Over the years I have performed many different styles of dance in all sorts of venues, theatres, hotel shows, festivals, and nightclubs. From corporate events to movies, Bollywood films, music videos, adverts, and numerous live televised events. Always more inspired by the creative side of my profession, I've also been able to produce and choreograph much of the dance work myself, and my choreography has been presented across the board, from established venues like Sadler's Wells Theatre to T.V adverts and Bollywood films. 

My love of and the ability to freestyle dance has taken me on a wonderful journey, from my many years as a resident dancer for the Ministry of Sound, and tours, various international contracts, and one-off huge iconic club events have led to many traveling adventures across Europe, India, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, and Japan. 

Here is a collection of videos from various footage across my career as well as a taster of some of my choreographic work.   

Dance videos
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