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Fire Performance

My fascination with fire started as a very small child, so perhaps it was inevitable that I ended up performing with it! I've worked with a broad array of equipment, dancing, manipulating and spinning fire poi, staffs, double staffs, clubs, fans, palms, fingers, body burning "Fakir" and fire-eating as well as making some of my own fire props. I've performed solo, duo and group fire shows across the UK and worldwide and I love to freestyle and add fire to many of my choreographed dance shows. 

Here is a small selection of photos captured from a variety of my fire performances.

See more fire photos in my Facebook album

Fire photos
©Charlly Fire Eating
©Charlly Fire fingers
©Charlly Fire poi spinning
©Charlly Fire
©Charlly Fire eating
©Charlly fire staff dance
©Charlly Fire staff spinning
©Charlly Fire Eating
Indian Themed Fire artistry
©Charlly double staff
©Charlly Fire clubs
©Charlly Fire fingers
@Charlly Fire
©Charlly Fire sticks
©Charlly fire eating
©Charlly Fire Show
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