Dance Performance


I was told I was practically dancing before I could walk and then I never stopped pleading with my mother to take me to dance classes. I have had a wonderful life dancing from a child to an adult on stages around and world in theatres, festivals, and for a wide variety of live events. I've appeared in both British and Indian film and television, in commercials, music videos. and televised music awards. From my days performing as a resident freestyle dancer for the Ministry of Sound to whether I'm kicking my legs up in a choreographed Cancan dance, once the music starts I've never been able to keep still.

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©Charlly Fabric Wing Dance

©Charlly Ministry of Sound

©Charlly CanCan

©Charlly Cafe de Paris

©Charlly Indian Bollywood Dance

©Charlly Fan veils dance

©Charlly Street dancer

©Charlly STOMP festival Sri Lanka

©Charlly Fans dance

©Charlly Dance

©Charlly CanCan

©Charlly West Side Story stage dance

©Charlly Freestyle Dance

©Charlly Indian Bollywood Dance

©Charlly cancan dance

©Charlly Bollywood dance