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Duo Acts

Performing with a partner has always made it double the fun for me, and I have had the pleasure of working with some great artists over the years. From performing acrobalance acts, spinning around on hoops in the air, to some brilliantly funny walkabout characters. Sharing those live performance moments, creating new duo acts and funny training bloopers has made my experience that much richer.

Here are a few pics from some of my duo aerial and ground performances and you can see more details for my current double acts on my dedicated page Duo Circus Acts

See more duo performance photos in my Facebook album

©Charlly Acrobalance
©Charlly Infinity Hoop
©Charlly Acro dance Duo
©Charlly Infinity Hoop Act
©Charlly Acrobalance Duo
©Charlly Acrobalance Female Duo
©Charlly Double Hoop
©Charlly Duo Acrobalance
©Charlly Infinity Hoop doubles
©Charlly Acrobalance Duo
©Charlly Acro Duo
Double Aerial Hoop
Acro B
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