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Group Acts

It could have been just sheer luck and a few good chance introductions along the way that I ended up creating so many group shows and organizing so many performance events, but I think with my passion for performing and love of working in a team it was inevitable I would always want to perform with my fellow artists.

The buzz you get from an audience who has clearly enjoyed your performance and sharing the excitement with your performer friends is all that much more exhilarating when the experience is shared! 

I have performed alongside some incredible artistes over the years and it is so much fun to share those special moments on and off the stage. I get immense pleasure from seeing everyone dressed up looking gorgeous in my costumes and seeing all my creative ideas expressed through all the wonderful performers I work with too.

Here is a selection of photos from a few of my group shows from a variety of just some of my group costume collections.  

See more group performance photos on my group Facebook albums page

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion CanCan
@Charlly ©Flowfuzion Bollywood dance
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Moulin Rouge
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Carnival Circus
©Charlly©Flowfuzion Bollywood circus
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Bellydance show
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Diwali Circus
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion showgirls dance
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Jungle Circus
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Showgirls
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Latin dance
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Mystic India Shows.
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Bollywood Dance
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Showgirls
©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Moulin Rouge
Great Gatsby 1920s Dancers
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