Group Acts


I have been called a team player and I love working with a team of my fellow performers.

I have performed alongside some incredible talent over the years and it is so much fun to share those special moments on and off the stage. I get immense pleasure from seeing everyone dressed up looking gorgeous in my costumes too.

Here is a selection of photos from a few of my group shows from a variety of some of my group costume collection.  

See more group performance photos on my group Facebook albums page

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion CanCan

@Charlly ©Flowfuzion Bollywood dance

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Moulin Rouge

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Carnival Circus

©Charlly©Flowfuzion Bollywood circus

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Bellydance show

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Diwali Circus

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion showgirls dance

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Jungle Circus

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Showgirls

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Latin dance

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Mystic India Shows.

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Bollywood Dance

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Showgirls

©Charlly ©Flowfuzion Moulin Rouge

Great Gatsby 1920s Dancers