You could say I grew up on the stage and it has always been my happy place. The love and joy continued into my adulthood as I persisted against many odds to make this my profession.

I have experienced many different aspects of performance and have worked with some incredible companies on some wonderful shows and fabulous events across many countries. I've always been more inspired by the creative aspect of entertainment and, rather than only performing other peoples concepts, I've been fortunate to fulfil my thirst for creativity; from my early days by working with other companies that utilised many of my ideas and choreography, to later building on my own work and creating beautifully costumed bespoke shows. I've produced theatre pieces, dance and aerial event acts and complete entertainment concepts for 4 different venues I worked with for over 5 years. 

Here is a little look at a selection from past performances, captured over my many and varied years of experience in the entertainment industry.

More videos coming soon!